Spiritual Principles for a Corporate World

A company is nothing but a collection of processes and people. Companies go to great lengths and spend countless
hours and funds to improve their processes, making systems mare efficient, cutting costs and maximising its

But ask any successful businessman and he will tell you that ultimately, a company succeeds and fails because of
its people. Efficient processes certainly help, but a worker who feels fulfilled in his job and works with inspiration
is a company's most valuable asset.
Vedanta ultimately provides us with knowledge of who we are. But it also tells us who we are not. We are not
limited BMIs (Body, Mind, Intellect) and in explaining so, Vedanta provides us with a perfect understanding of
these equipments, how they work and what their limitations are.
Vedanta declares that happiness does not lie in the fulfillment of desires. Rather, we feel happy when we experience
our Higher Self. Satisfying desires creates a temporary tranquillity of mind that allows us to e…

How to Overcome Challenges in Life?

"Live dynamically, think positively, plan out deliberately, pray ardently, meditate regularly, read daily, correct minutely, grow divinely." Swami Chinmayananda

The world is your clay, mould it as you desire… If you were handed back a mock exam with the letter F branded on the front in thick, red ink, would your teacher
tell you that you couldn’t achieve an A? When you are asked to talk or sing in front of 300 people, does your best
friend tell you that you will not be able to do it?

So who is it that forces us to run away and give up? If you think about your class at school, you will see that some
kids seem to get the best of life; their list of achievements is never-ending!

On the other hand, there are those who do what they have to, and that’s that. So, what is the difference? If they are
all taught by the same teachers and given equal opportunities, what is the cause of this gap? The achievers have
unwavering faith in their ability and never lose sight of their goal. We seem…

Storytime: The Brahmin & the Cobbler

Narada Muni, the sage of the Gods, was once approached by old Jara, the daughter of Time. She wanted to marry
him, but he refused her. Greatly offended, Jara cursed him that he would never have a fixed place to live. As a
result he travels constantly, playing on his stringed instrument, the vina, as he chants the holy name of the Supreme
Lord Narayana.
During his travels, Narada once came across a proud brahmin priest who had just finished his fire sacrifice.
Seeing the famous sage, the brahmin greeted him, “Namaste, my dear Narada.” Narada replied.
“May your life be successful, my dear brahmin.” “If you are going to the spiritual world,” requested the priest,
“then please do me a favor. Ask Lord Narayan when I am going to join Him there. I think it should be very soon,
but I’d like to verify it anyway.”
“All right,” agreed Narada, “I’ll ask him.”

The next day Narada passed a humble cobbler, the lowest of the castes, repairing shoes by the roadside. “All
glories to you, Narada Muni,” t…

Why God Helps Us Himself?

One day King Akbar asked Birbal, “Why is it that Hindu Gods behave so strangely?”
Birbal thought, “Our king respects Hinduism and Islam equally. He must be trying to tease me by asking such a
King Akbar continued, “Lord Krishna is a fine example of that. Doesn’t your Lord Krishna have any servants?
Each time a devotee calls for help, the Lord runs himself to see the devotee’s needs. Surely he can employ others
to do such work?”

“Oh yes, surely he can,” Birbal replied, but he already had a plan to explain the facts to the King.

Birbal knew King Akbar loved his grandson, Khurram, very much. Birbal asked a statue-maker to make a wax
idol of Prince Khurram in his exact image. When the idol was ready, he called Khurram’s guardian and said,
“Take this idol and dress him up in the Prince’s clothes and jewels. Go to the lake in the royal garden with the
idol in your hand. At my signal act as if you have slipped, then let the idol fall in water.”

The Prince’s guardian agreed. Birbal came…

Tips For Joyful Parenting by Swami Tejomayananda

At some point in our lives, most of us have been or will be parents.

This is the most important job we will have and often we spend the least time preparing for it.  Being a parent
is not always easy. Raising a child, and guiding them on their life path to empower them to fulfill their own
potential is a subtle art, there can be many trials along the way. However, the rewards of successful parenting
are immeasurable, both to you and society. Over the years, many have approached Pujya Guruji Swami
Tejomayananda for advice on parenting. Here are some of his tips: Set an example If we want our children to be nice, intelligent, well behaved, cultured and obedient, we will
have to start by developing the same qualities in ourselves. Often parents who want their children to be cultured
send them to our Bal Vihar cultural classes for children. The parents say, “You go to BV - we will watch TV!”
So they want culture only for their children, and not for themselves. There is the famous saying, …